PPCUG – Power Plant Controls Users Group

The Power Plant Controls Users Group was formed in 2018. The Power Users Group leadership team recognized that controls is not a very well covered topic in conferences. It has always been a short session or breakout where most of the audiences are not fully engaged. There are those few who seems to want more, thus the reason the group was being formed.

As a starting point, the group will be technology and OEM agnostic and will cover all topics related to controls, hardware, software, instrumentation, cyber security, digital transformation.

A steering committee has been formed to organize a conference focus on controls. Hope to see you all there.

Power Plant Controls Users Group Steering Committee

2022 Conference in San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
Left to right: Peter So, Calpine; Brian Hall, TECO; Clift Pompee, Duke Energy; Jason Justice, Southern Company; David Martorana, Tenaska; Richard Chiafolo, Dominion Energy
Camera Shy: Adam McCool, Tenaska; Bryan Eddins, Duke Energy


Steering Committee Members:

Richard Chiafolo – Dominion Energy (2022 Vice-Chair)

Committee member since 2021


Brian Hall – TECO

Committee member since 2018


Jason Justice – Southern Company
Committee member since 2019


David Martorana – Tenaska (2022 Chair)

Committee member since 2019


Peter So – Calpine

Committee member since 2018


Previous Committee Members:

Bryan Eddins, 2018-2022
Adam McCool, 2019-2022
Clift Pompee, 2019-2022

Mission Statement of the Power Plant Controls Users Group

The PPCUG works with control companies, equipment manufacturers and service providers to provide connections and content designed to ensure Power Users succeed in the activities associated with Power Plant Control Systems.

The PPCUG serves the Power User Community, who’s aim is to be the predominant power plant controls users’ group by serving in an exceptional manner the interests of Users, customers, and the public by pursuing progressive business strategies by integrating our growing knowledge on plant operations and maintenance, customer needs, user-industries, and engineering applications.

PPCUG Core Values are to:
• Provide Excellent Content that is impartial, vetted by committee, engaging, and meaningful to the success of the Power User Community
• Create a Collaborative Environment, encouraging knowledge sharing, practical guidelines, and teamwork across organizations and job functions.
• Integrity and Inclusion, we respect everyone’s opinion and treat all people and companies with honesty and integrity.

The PPCUG unique value is that we are an aggregation of Power Plant Controls Users in different roles from different companies providing a unique environment both face to face and virtually to add value to our organizations, suppliers, and service providers.

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August 26 – 29, 2024

Arizona Grand Resort
8000 South Arizona Grand E
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Open Conference Details

Conference dates: August 23-27, 2021

  • Co-located with 7F, 7EA, and STUG (2021 only)
  • 193 User attendees
  • 104 Vendors represented at vendor fairs

Evening Vendor Fair: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 – 104 Exhibit booths
Lunch Vendor Fair: Wednesday, August 25, 2021 – Same exhibitors

(1 Platinum Plus, 3 Platinum and 5 Gold Sponsors)

Conference dates: November/December 2020

Conference dates: August 26-29, 2019

  • Annual Conferences (GUG, CCUG and STUG) and 2nd Controls Symposium (PPCUG) with shared meals and vendor fair
  • 193 Users – CCUG = ??; GUG = ??; STUG = ??; PPCUG = ??
  • 88 Exhibitors represented at Vendor Fair

Vendor Fair: Monday, August 26, 2019 – 88 Exhibit booths

Conference dates: August 27-30, 2018

  • Annual Conferences (GUG, CCUG and STUG) and 1st Controls Symposium (PPCUG) with shared meals and vendor fair
  • 217 Users – CCUG = 92; GUG = 47; STUG = 58; PPCUG = 20
  • 88 Exhibitors represented at Vendor Fair

Vendor Fair: Monday, August 27, 2018 – 88 Exhibit booths

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