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Third Harmonic Stator Ground Protection

Effects of Flex Operation on Turbine Generators

Hipot Testing Philosophy

Thursday, December 10, 2020 @ 3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST

Presentation Synopsis

Third Harmonic Stator Ground Protection
The presentation will give an overview of third harmonic stator ground protection. Included will be a discussion of the basic physics principles of third harmonic neutral voltage, the most common strategies for ground fault protection utilizing this voltage, and a few case studies of ground faults where third harmonic voltage was a critical indicator.

Effects of Flex Operation on Turbine Generators
This presentation discusses the trends observed in recent years to operate generators with more frequent start-stop and load swings as well as some of the effects this has on different generator components.

Hipot Testing Philosophy
The Siemens-energy generator inspection lists call for a dielectric evaluation. What does that mean? This presentation answers that question with discussion on ac and dc testing regimens that are used by Siemens throughout the world and a discussion on other testing during outages to verify the integrity of the generator stator windings.

Key Takeaways for Users

Third Harmonic Stator Ground Protection

  • Third harmonic neutral voltage is a useful and versatile parameter for detection of generator faults.
  • Adequate protection of the stator winding should include a third harmonic protection scheme.
  • With innovations in monitoring, third harmonic neutral voltage may potentially allow a user to detect a generator issue before a forced outage occurs.

Effects of Flex Operation on Turbine Generators

  • Generators are increasingly being operated in peaking modes to adapt for an increasing use of renewable technologies, which adds new or accelerated maintenance needs.

Hipot Testing Philosophy

  • Siemens supports both an ac and a dc test regimens.
  • AC testing includes power factor and partial discharge which provide stator winding insulation diagnostic information.
  • DC testing includes dielectric absorption curves up to a high potential level which also provides stator winding diagnostic information.
  • All testing requires a precheck of the insulation by measurement of insulation resistance and polarization index.
  • Visual inspection along with other tests remain a valuable part of any winding insulation evaluation.


Case Studies: Cycling Impacts on Generators

Alejandro Felix, Generator Service Engineering Manager 
Working at Siemens Energy since 1999 in the generator engineering organization, occupying different positions as a rotor designer and service engineer responsible for stator modernizations and operations support. Later responsible for different management positions in service engineering both in Orlando and in Germany.

Third Harmonic Stator Ground Protection

Anthony Camarano, Solutions Engineer
5 years with Siemens. Electrical Engineer; generator service engineering studies, NERC compliance, unplanned outage fault diagnosis.

Hipot Testing Approach

Jim Lau, Expert Engineer, Generator Engineering
39 years with Siemens, electrical engineer, generators, exciters, R&D, service.


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