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KMS for activating Windows 10 and [Microsoft Office|Microsoft Office 2021|Microsoft Office 2016|Microsoft Office 2019|Microsoft Office 365}. KMS activator that does not require installation (Portable) and supports activation of Windows 10, 11, 8.1, 7, XP, VISTA. As well as MS Office 2019, 2016, 2021 , 2013, 2010. Works on any bit depth (x32 or x64), easy to use - even a beginner will understand.

What you need KMSAuto activator for

It's actually quite simple. If you have not purchased a license for Office or Windows, both products will have limited functionality (for example, in Windows 11 the "Personalization" section does not work without a license). Thanks to the KMS Activator Auto utility, you can activate your {operating system|OS|Windows 10|Windows 11|Windows 8|Windows 8.1|Windows 7] or MS office 2019 suite for free with just a few mouse clicks. In addition to installing the license, the program also blocks authentication. This means that the license will not reset when it is checked. The program supports 5 activation methods. It determines the most suitable method automatically. It also supports installing or removing GLVK keys.

How to use the KMS

First, disable Windows Defender or antivirus (they can block the download and launch activator) Go and unpack archive; Run KMSAuto.exe (as Administrator); In the window that appears, select "Activate Windows" or "Activate Office": The program will automatically start. At the end of the process you will see a similar window "Activation completed successfully": After this operation you will get a fully activated version of Windows 11 or MS Office 2016. Additionally in the program you can get current information about Windows or Office (license status, key, version and edition). As a result, KMSAuto Net from the developer Ratiborus is a unique Windows and Office activator. It has a clear and simple interface. Works in atematic mode and supports 5 methods of activation of Microsoft products.
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